Pillows For Neck Pain



Sleeping is almost everyone’s favorite because it is the time when they can finally rest their bodies and then get away from all the stresses out there. By saying this, it is important that the pillows used are very good and soft to touch so that the entire sleeping time would be worthwhile. The good news is that there are now different kinds of pillows being sold out there. One of the best pillows these days are the pillows for neck pain. The good thing with this is that it helps in making sure that your neck won’t feel any pain while sleeping.

A good Stomach Sleepers Pillows to consider is one that won’t cause any sores or pain on your neck overnight. There are different factors that can cause neck pain. For example, it might be because of a tough day or maybe because you lack exercise. Aside from…

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Kristofer Åström + The Leaving @ Substanz, München, 2016-04-07 — KULTURFORUM


Dort, wo sonst von unsereinem der allwöchentliche Masochismus der Zweitliga-Löwen-Niederlagen durchlitten wird, gab’s zur Abwechslung am vergangenen Donnerstag Er- und Aufbauendes in Form von Schweizer Folk und schwedischem Indie-/Songwriter-Sound. Den konzertanten Abend im Substanz eröffnete ein junger Musiker aus Basel, der Schweizer Frederyk Rotter ist im Nebenberuf Frontmann der Doom-/Death-/Black-Metal-Band Zatokrev, mit seinem Solo-Projekt The […]

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Drug Smuggler and Author Howard Marks, Famous for His Memoir Mr. Nice, Dies Aged 70 — TIME

Howard Marks, the Welsh author, raconteur and former drug smuggler, who rose to fame after releasing his autobiography Mr. Nice, in 1996, has died following a battle with cancer. He was 70. News of Marks’ death broke on Sunday, with many describing him as a “truly lovely, entertaining and inspiring man,” the Guardian reported. Marks…

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